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Web3's Galaxy; Visualized.

Learn, Earn, and Drive Web3 Adoption Through Narrative Comic Books

1. Launchpad: Wallet

Initiate your journey with a simple step—setting up your crypto wallet. Consider it your personal spacecraft in the Galaxy.

2. Ignition: FTM Tokens

Propel your adventure by acquiring or depositing at least 10 $FTM. It's not just fuel; it's the cosmic key to unlocking your WigoGalaxy potential.

3. Play: Watch & Engage

Dive into episode 0 via the video-comic and mint your Fantomist. It's more than play; it's your interactive gateway to the Galaxy narrative.

Galaxy Comics

Watch Comics, Dive into Blockchain, Reap Rewards.

Episode 0: Fantomist Renaissance

Uncover an unknown realm post-Multichain collapse and claim your Fantomist NFT as the first victory.

🔹 Quick Start Guide:
1️⃣ Set Up Your Wallet
2️⃣ Buy or Deposit 10 $FTM
3️⃣ Claim Fantomist

🔸 More info: Youtube Description

Episode 1: Fantomist Adventure

Join Fantomist on a quest filled with mystery and unexpected encounters. Navigate through challenges, unlock unique rewards, and unveil the island’s hidden secrets.

🔹 Quick Start Guide:
1️⃣ Hold 10 axlUSDC: Cross the Bridge!
2️⃣ Hold 2000 WIGO: Open the Vault!
3️⃣ Win in Predict: Get Galaxy Glimmer!

🔸 More info: Youtube Description

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about your journey through WigoGalaxy? Find answers to common queries here or reach out to our community for assistance.

A narrative-driven web3 platform where video comics guide you through blockchain quests and rewards.

Yes, just 10 FTM tokens are needed to whitelist for minting Fantomist, plus a small network fee.

Create a wallet, deposit 10 FTM tokens, and mint your Fantomist to start your journey.

Fantomist is your personalized NFT hero that guides you through WigoGalaxy's narrative quests.

No, WigoGalaxy currently only works on Fantom blockchain.


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